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Latest publications

What Factors Are Associated With Impacted Canines in Cleft Patients?
Anna Westerlund, Mats Sjöström, Lena Björnström, Maria Ransjö
Journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery : official journal of the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, 2014
Journal Article, peer-reviewed

Computer-guided versus free-hand placement of immediately loaded dental implants: 1-year post-loading results of a multicentre randomised controlled trial.
Alessandro Pozzi, Marco Tallarico, Massimiliano Marchetti, Bruno Scarfò, Marco Esposito
European journal of oral implantology, Volume 7, Issue 3, Pages 229-42 2014
Journal Article, peer-reviewed

Osseointegration of fiber-reinforced composite implants: Histological and ultrastructural observations.
A M Ballo, I Cekic-Nagas, G Ergun, L Lassila, Anders Palmquist et al.
Dental materials : official publication of the Academy of Dental Materials, 2014
Journal Article, peer-reviewed

Zygomatic implants: indications, techniques and outcomes, and the zygomatic success code.
Carlos Aparicio, Carolina Manresa, Karen Francisco, Pedro Claros, Javier Alández et al.
Periodontology 2000, Volume 66, Issue 1, Pages 41-58 2014
Journal Article, peer-reviewed

Tilted versus axially placed dental implants: A meta-analysis.
Bruno Ramos Chrcanovic, Tomas Albrektsson, Ann Wennerberg
Journal of dentistry, 2014
Journal Article, peer-reviewed

Foreign Body Reaction to Biomaterials: On Mechanisms for Buildup and Breakdown of Osseointegration
Ricardo Trindade, Tomas Albrektsson, Pentti Tengvall, Ann Wennerberg
Clinical Implant Dentistry and Related Research, 2014
Journal Article, peer-reviewed


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Name Title Phone Email
Albrektsson, Tomas Professor emeritus +46 31 7862945 tomas.albrektsson@biomaterials.gu.se
Dahlin, Christer Professor, adjungerad +46 31 7862969 christer.dahlin@biomaterials.gu.se
Ekström, Karin Researcher +46 31 7862919 karin.ekstrom@biomaterials.gu.se
Elgali, Ibrahim Forskarstuderande +46 31 7862898 ibrahim.elgali@gu.se
Emanuelsson, Lena Forskningslab +46 31 7862982 lena.emanuelsson@biomaterials.gu.se
Esposito, Marco Oavlönad docent marco.esposito@biomaterials.gu.se
Farzad, Payam Forskarstuderande payam.farzad@gu.se
Friberg, Bertil Oavlönad docent bertil.friberg@gu.se
Göthberg, Catharina Forskarstuderande catharina.gothberg@lj.se
Hoffman, Maria Forskningslab +46 31 7862981 maria.hoffman@biomaterials.gu.se
Johansson, Anna Research coordinator, Medical Labora… +46 31 7862982 anna.johansson@biomaterials.gu.se
Johansson, Martin Forskarstuderande +46 31 7862955 martin.johansson@biomaterials.gu.se
Karazisis, Dimitrios Forskarstuderande +46 31 7862962 dimitrios.karazisis@biomaterials.gu.se
Karlsson, Camilla Oavlönad docent camilla.karlsson@biomaterials.gu.se
Kirkpatrick, Charles James Professor, gäst charles.james.kirkpatrick@gu.se
Lausmaa, Jukka Oavlönad docent +46 31 7862971 jukka.lausmas@obgyn.gu.se
Lennerås, Maria Doctoral student +46 31 7862946 maria.lenneras@gu.se
Norlindh, Birgitta Forskningslab +46 31 7862982 birgitta.norlindh@biomaterials.gu.se
Palmquist, Anders Researcher +46 31 7862971 anders.palmquist@biomaterials.gu.se
Ristevski, Zoran Forskarstuderande zoran.ristevski@gu.se
Rydén, Louise Forskarstuderande louise.ryden@biomaterials.gu.se
Sayardoust, Shariel Forskarstuderande shariel.sayardoust@biomaterials.gu.se
Shah, Furqan Ali Doctoral student +46 31 7862977 furqan.ali.shah@biomaterials.gu.se
Stenlund, Patrik Forskarstuderande +46 31 7862971 patrik.stenlund@gu.se
Svensson, Sara Researcher +46 31 7862963 sara.svensson@biomaterials.gu.se
Tengvall, Pentti Professor +46 31 7862745 pentti.tengvall@gu.se
Thomsen, Peter Professor +46 31 7862964 peter.thomsen@biomaterials.gu.se
Trobos, Margarita Researcher +46 31 7862963 margarita.trobos@biomaterials.gu.se
Turri, Alberto Forskarstuderande +46 31 7866441 alberto.turri@odontologi.gu.se
Vazirisani, Forugh Research engineer +46 31 7862977 forugh.vazirisani@biomaterials.gu.se
Wang, Xiaoqin Doctoral student +46 31 7862946 xiaoqin.wang@biomaterials.gu.se
Werthén, Maria Oavlönad docent +46 31 7862963 maria.werthen@gu.se
Zaborowska, Magdalena Doctoral student +46 31 7862962 magdalena.zaborowska@biomaterials.gu.se

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Multifunctional nanostructured noble metal coatings for medical devices
Sara Svensson, Felicia Suska, Gunilla Rydja, Mattias Ohrlander, Jukka Lausmaa et al.
15th International Scientific Congress (CNIC), 28 June-1 July, Havana, Cuba, 2010
Conference contribution

Biomineralized strontium-substituted apatite/titanium dioxide coating on titanium surfaces.
Wei Xia, Carl Lindahl, Jukka Lausmaa, Per Borchardt, Ahmed Ballo et al.
Acta biomaterialia, Volume 6, Issue 4, Pages 1591-600 2010
Journal Article, peer-reviewed

In vivo evaluation of noble metal coatings
Felicia Suska, Sara Svensson, Anna Johansson, Lena Emanuelsson, Helen Karlholm et al.
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part B: Applied Biomaterials, Volume 92B, Issue 1, Pages 86-94 2010
Journal Article, peer-reviewed

Inflammatory Response to Injectable Biomaterials for Stabilisation of Vertebral Compression Fractures
Sandra Ramstedt, Anders Palmquist, Anna Johansson, Karin Breding, Håkan Engqvist et al.
Trends in Biomaterials and Artificial Organs, Volume 24, Issue 1, Pages 1-10 2010
Journal Article, peer-reviewed

Retrieval of orthopaedic implants.
Anders Palmquist, Rickard Brånemark, Håkan Engqvist, Jukka Lausmaa, Peter Thomsen
Bone repair biomaterials (Eds. Planell JA, Best SM, Lacroix D, Merolli A.), Cambridge., Woodhead Publishing., 2010
Book chapter

Biomechanical, Histological and Ultrastructural Analyses of Laser Micro- and Nano-structured Titanium Alloy Implants: A Study in Rabbit
Anders Palmquist, F. Lindberg, Lena Emanuelsson, Rickard Brånemark, Håkan Engqvist et al.
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research, Part A, Volume 92A, Issue 4, Pages 1476-1486 2010
Journal Article, peer-reviewed

Light and electron microscopy study of two BioHelix implants retrieved from one patient.
Anders Palmquist, Kathryn Grandfield, Lena Emanuelsson, Torsten Mattson, Rickard Brånemark et al.
Abstract, European Association for Osseointegration, 19th Annual Scientific meeting, Glasgow, UK, 2010
Conference contribution

Titanium oral implants: surface characteristics, interface biology and clinical outcome.
Anders Palmquist, Omar Omar, Marco Esposito, Jukka Lausmaa, Peter Thomsen
Journal of the Royal Society, Interface / the Royal Society, Volume 7, Issue Suppl 5, Pages S515-527 2010
Journal Article, peer-reviewed

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