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Department of Biomaterials
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Latest publications

Localized controlled drug delivery from mesoporous implants
Johan Karlsson, Necati Harmankaya, Anders Palmquist, R. Jimbo, Anna Martinelli et al.
Technical Proceedings of the 2014 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Expo, NSTI-Nanotech 2014. Washington, DC, United States, 15-18 June 2014, 2014
Conference contribution

Response: Platelets do not generate activated factor XII-how inappropriate experimental models have led to misleading conclusions.
Niklas Boknäs, Lars Faxälv, Jakob O Ström, Pentti Tengvall, Elvar Theodorsson et al.
Blood, Volume 124, Issue 10, Pages 1692-4 2014
Journal Article, peer-reviewed

On the Early Mechanisms of Bone Formation after Maxillary Sinus Membrane Elevation: An Experimental Histological and Immunohistochemical Study.
Måns Jungner, Giovanni Cricchio, Luiz A Salata, Lars Sennerby, Carina Lundqvist et al.
Clinical implant dentistry and related research, 2014
Journal Article, peer-reviewed

The bone-implant interface – Nano-osseointegration of functionally loaded, nano-textured, human dental implants
Furqan A Shah, B Nilson, Rickard Brånemark, Peter Thomsen, Anders Palmquist
Abstract, 26th European Conference on Biomaterials, Liverpool, UK, Conference Abstract - peer reviewed 2014
Conference Abstract - peer reviewed

Backscattered electron z-contrast correlates with calcium content and apatite-to-collagen ratio of bone formed in relation to acid-etched titanium implants
Furqan A Shah, Anna Martinelli, Peter Thomsen, Anders Palmquist
European Cells and Materials, Conference Abstract - peer reviewed 2014
Conference Abstract - peer reviewed

Four-Millimeter-Long Posterior-Mandible Implants: 5-Year Outcomes of a Prospective Multicenter Study.
Christer Slotte, Arne Grønningsaeter, Anne-Marie Halmøy, Lars-Olof Ohrnell, Arne Mordenfeld et al.
Clinical implant dentistry and related research, 2014
Journal Article, peer-reviewed


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Albrektsson, Tomas Professor emeritus +46 31 7862945 tomas.albrektsson@biomaterials.gu.se
Dahlin, Christer Professor, adjungerad +46 31 7862969 christer.dahlin@biomaterials.gu.se
Ekström, Karin Researcher +46 31 7862919 karin.ekstrom@biomaterials.gu.se
Elgali, Ibrahim Forskarstuderande +46 31 7862898 ibrahim.elgali@gu.se
Emanuelsson, Lena Forskningslab +46 31 7862982 lena.emanuelsson@biomaterials.gu.se
Farzad, Payam Forskarstuderande payam.farzad@gu.se
Friberg, Bertil Oavlönad docent bertil.friberg@gu.se
Göthberg, Catharina Forskarstuderande catharina.gothberg@lj.se
Hoffman, Maria Forskningslab +46 31 7862981 maria.hoffman@biomaterials.gu.se
Johansson, Anna Research coordinator, Medical Labora… +46 31 7862982 anna.johansson@biomaterials.gu.se
Johansson, Martin Forskarstuderande +46 31 7862955 martin.johansson@biomaterials.gu.se
Karazisis, Dimitrios Forskarstuderande +46 31 7862962 dimitrios.karazisis@biomaterials.gu.se
Karlsson, Camilla Oavlönad docent camilla.karlsson@biomaterials.gu.se
Kirkpatrick, Charles James Professor, gäst charles.james.kirkpatrick@gu.se
Lausmaa, Jukka Oavlönad docent +46 31 7862971 jukka.lausmas@obgyn.gu.se
Lennerås, Maria Doctoral student +46 31 7862946 maria.lenneras@gu.se
Norlindh, Birgitta Forskningslab +46 31 7862982 birgitta.norlindh@biomaterials.gu.se
Omar, Omar Researcher +46 31 7862951 omar.omar@biomaterials.gu.se
Palmquist, Anders Researcher +46 31 7862971 anders.palmquist@biomaterials.gu.se
Ristevski, Zoran Forskarstuderande zoran.ristevski@gu.se
Rydén, Louise Forskarstuderande louise.ryden@biomaterials.gu.se
Sayardoust, Shariel Forskarstuderande shariel.sayardoust@biomaterials.gu.se
Shah, Furqan Ali Doctoral student +46 31 7862977 furqan.ali.shah@biomaterials.gu.se
Stenlund, Patrik Forskarstuderande +46 31 7862971 patrik.stenlund@gu.se
Svensson, Sara Researcher +46 31 7862963 sara.svensson@biomaterials.gu.se
Tengvall, Pentti Professor +46 31 7862745 pentti.tengvall@gu.se
Thomsen, Peter Professor +46 31 7862964 peter.thomsen@biomaterials.gu.se
Trobos, Margarita Researcher +46 31 7862963 margarita.trobos@biomaterials.gu.se
Turri, Alberto Forskarstuderande +46 31 7866441 alberto.turri@odontologi.gu.se
Vazirisani, Forugh Research engineer +46 31 7862977 forugh.vazirisani@biomaterials.gu.se
Wang, Xiaoqin Doctoral student +46 31 7862946 xiaoqin.wang@biomaterials.gu.se
Werthén, Maria Oavlönad docent +46 31 7862963 maria.werthen@gu.se
Zaborowska, Magdalena Doctoral student +46 31 7862962 magdalena.zaborowska@biomaterials.gu.se

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Changes of surface composition and morphology after incorporation of ions into biomimetic apatite coating
Wei Xia, Carl Lindahl, Cecilia Persson, Peter Thomsen, Jukka Lausmaa et al.
Journal of Biomaterials and Nanobiotechnology, Volume 1, Issue 1, Pages 7-16 2010
Journal Article, peer-reviewed

Premixed acidic calcium phosphate cement: Characterization of strength and microstructure.
Jonas Åberg, Helena Brisby, Helena Barreto Henriksson, Anders Lindahl, Peter Thomsen et al.
Journal of biomaterials research. Part B. Applied biomaterials, Volume 93, Issue 2, Pages 436-41 2010
Journal Article, peer-reviewed

Biomimetic ion substituted hydroxyapatite coatings on titanium for orthopaedic implants
Wei Xia, Ahmed Ballo, Carl Lindahl, Peter Thomsen, Jukka Lausmaa et al.
Abstract, SICOT/SIROT, 31 Aug-3 Sept, Gothenburg, Sweden, 2010
Conference contribution

Biomimetic fluoride hydroxyapatite coating on dental implants.
Wei Xia, Carl Lindahl, Jukka Lausmaa, Peter Thomsen, Håkan Engqvist
Abstract, Scandinavian Society for Biomaterials (ScSB) 3rd Annual meeting, 12-14 April, Hafjell, Norway, 2010
Conference contribution

Oseointegration: Interfacial cellular behavior and fine structure.
Peter Thomsen
Invited Keynote Lecture, 4th International Symposium:Surface Modification and Design of Dental Implant, Global Center of Excellence (GCOE) Program, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Tokyo, Japan, 2010
Conference contribution

Strategies to enhance the performance of tissue integrated prostheses.
Peter Thomsen
Abstract, Swedish Science and Technology Office, Japan and Invest in Sweden Agency (ISA), Swedish Embassy, Tokyo, Japan, 2010
Conference contribution

Surface nano scale features and their effects on osseointegration.
Peter Thomsen
Abstract, 6th Sweden -Japan BioNano Workshop, Mishima, Japan, 2010
Conference contribution

Bone response to antimicrobial noble metal nano-coating on titanium implants
Sara Svensson, Felicia Suska, Lena Emanuelsson, Anders Palmquist, Birgitta Norlindh et al.
European Association for Osseointegration (EAO), 19th annual scientific meeting, 6-9 October, Glasgow, UK, 2010
Conference contribution

Osseointegration of titanium screws with antimicrobial metal coating.
Sara Svensson, Felicia Suska, Lena Emanuelsson, Anders Palmquist, Birgitta Norlindh et al.
23rd European Society for Biomaterials, 15-18 Sept, Tampere, Finland., 2010
Conference contribution

Multifunctional nanostructured noble metal coatings for medical devices
Sara Svensson, Felicia Suska, Gunilla Rydja, Mattias Ohrlander, Jukka Lausmaa et al.
15th International Scientific Congress (CNIC), 28 June-1 July, Havana, Cuba, 2010
Conference contribution

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